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Lauren Braddock (Havey) is an accomplished songwriter/actress and author who grew up in Music City the only child of Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter Bobby Braddock, studied and worked in New York and LA and is now writing and performing back in her hometown of Nashville. She has released two CD's produced by Grammy-winner Don Henry, including a folk-rock opera, A Journey to the Son, that the two wrote to accompany Lauren's parenting memoir of the same name. Lauren has had songs recorded by artists including platinum-selling  Blake Shelton and has been featured in theater, in movies and television.

"(A writer of) story songs that brim with spunk, wit and passion. if you want to know what happened to that kid born at Woodstock, Lauren Braddock is your answer."Eliot Wilder - Amplifier Magazine

"A truly gifted actress" Director Dixie Gamble

"Hey hey Mama, say the way she sing, got a way with words, lyrics, everything..."Scott Taylor, Music Journalist Rolling Stone, MTV etc. - A Journey to the Son blurb

“Lauren Braddock (Havey) writes fearlessly...”Marshall Chapman, singer/songwriter - A Journey to the Son blurb

“Lauren Braddock is a great artist. 

Alice Randall, best selling author and #1 country music songwriter - A Journey to the Son blurb

“intelligent and creative songwriting style is no surprise considering her background...voice reminded me of's fascinating to listen in on her musical exploration...strong (debut) and really kinda fun!"”Jennifer Layton -

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